Jan Matyáš Beneš –  UI/UX Designer

Trips and tips app

Project background, users and research findings

Wisco is a regional food delivery company whose target customer is too busy to prepare a family meal. Typically located in the villages around Prague. Wisco strives
to deliver all the food they can; their speciality is pizza. Their target customers are pensioners, young people who find they lack the time or skills necessary to prepare a family dinner or lunch. Wisco is able to offer a wide spectrum of competitive
pricing and delivery choices.

The problem

The target customers of Wisco are typically located in small villages and areas, and they lack the time or skills necessary to prepare a meal.

The goal

My goal was to design a food delivery app that is simple to use for everyone during Covid-19 including people with situational or other disabilities.

My role

My name is Matyas. I grew up in Prague, on the outskirts of town. Incidentally, my first job was in a website developing company. I’ve always loved coding and developing websites but I didn’t have the graphic design side which could improve the overall look of the websites. 

I plan to continue discovering new things in my career as a UX designer and a website developer. As a designer, my goal is to meet users’ needs with engaging, simple designs; that’s what I like.. My dream is to make design so simple and easy to understand for every user of all types and backgrounds and still make it engaging.

My role in this project as a UX designer was to take ownership of the app’s design, from concept to delivery. My responsibilities included: foundational planning and research, user research, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, iteration, and the creation of a final high-fidelity prototype.


The biggest challenge for me was doing the research and interviewing people because I didn’t have experience interviewing people. So it was something new for me.

Project duration

March 2021 to April 2021


I conducted interviews with target users, then distilled what I learned into actionable steps. I used the insights I discovered to identify pain points my users were experiencing. I entered my research with a set of assumptions, but those assumptions changed as I spoke to real people who deal with the topic I was researching.

The most important pain points we uncovered were:
● The app is not simple enough to be engaging
● Most users struggle to identify the items they want, and have difficulty ordering them
● Most users struggle to identify some icons, and have difficulty guessing their functions.
● Users want the option to rate the food
● Users had problems finding text legible enough
● The app needs to do more to engage users and get them excited about the Wisco’s brand

The information Iuncovered helped merealize I needed to do more to make ordering easy and engaging for busy users. Once I realized this, I had a clearer idea of how to move forward.


Usability study

Study type: Unmoderated usability study

Location: Europe, remote (each participant went through the usability study in their own home)

Participants: Five participants, each completing the study individually

Length: Each session was 5-15 minutes, based on a list of prompts

Results: Users had difficulty ordering items easily. Older participants or participants with visual disabilities had difficulty reading the text and label text in the app. Users were also unsure of saving their credit card information, they wanted this option to be clearly stated.

Initial design using 8 one-minute sketches


 Prototypes after research and feedback


Accessibility considerations

For the Wisco’s food delivery app, the text on each page uses bigger text’s size, more legible font and higher contrast for users with reading problems; also there would be an option for screen readers.

What I learned

While designing the Wisco food delivery app, I learned that the first ideas for the app are only beginning of the whole process. I started drawing on paper and developed more and more ideas. I was influenced especially by Google teacher from course UX/UI Design.

I hope feedback and usability tests will help improve the app so the app will become more clear, and the customers will be happier.

I’m thankful to peers who reviewed my assignments. I appreciate their feedback and their time. Also I must thank the participants who were testing the app, without them there would be no improvements.
Moving forward, I would like to conduct another round of usability testing to validate whether the pain points my users experienced have been fully resolved. I’m looking forward to the next challenges.



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